Welcome To The Legal Aid Centre

Today ignorance of the law is no longer considered a bliss. The law and legal system is seen to be present and practical in our daily lives and routines.

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About Us

Welcome to The Legal Aid Centre

Legal Aid Centre Private Limited was, established in the year 2015. It was Private incorporated on November 21, 2019. It is classified as Non-Government Company and registered at Registrar of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Legal Aid Centre Private Limited Corporate Universal Identification Number is 0142654 and is, based in Pakistan, UAE and United Kingdom.

  • Legal Wing

  • Drafting Wing

  • Consultancy Wing

  • Trade Union Wing

  • Reporting Wing

  • Research & Survey Wing

What We Do

Our Wings

Our wings are managed by highly qualified teams of directors, attorneys, researchers.

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Legal Wing

This wing deals with service-related matters of Government, Local government, Local Self Government, Autonomous, Semi-autonomous,
Corporations and Companies under the administration of government

Drafting Wing

This wing deals with drafting of reports, Law both national and international, rules and regulations under Law or any Organizations, All Corporate Policies are drafted here too

Consultancy Wing

We provide consultancy on all Legal related matters including-Contract System , Social Security, E.O.B.I, Workers Welfare Fund, Workers Participation in Profit, Health and Safety, Compensation, Wages policy, Leave and holidays, Recruitment, Grievance handling, G.P.Fund/C.P.Fund, Gratuity and other employment, family related affairs

Trade Union Wing

We Provide consultancy for the formation of trade unions, documentation for registration of trade union, federation and confederation, Charter of demand, Negotiations with the employer and other related matters.

Our Wing’s Result

We feel very proud for our great  achievement

Our Publications

A working guide to Dock Labourers Act, 1934 & Pakistan Dock Labourers 
Regulations, 1948(International Edition & Pakistan Edition)
Terms and Conditions of Service
Social Security in Pakistan,
Safety Hand Book
First Aid (Urdu)
Compendium of Family Laws in Pakistan.

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