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Welcome to The Legal Aid Centre

Legal Aid Centre Private Limited was, established in the year 2015. It was Private incorporated on November 21, 2019. It is classified as Non-Government Company and registered at Registrar of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Legal Aid Centre Private Limited Corporate Universal Identification Number is 0142654 and is, based in Pakistan, UAE and United Kingdom.

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Why Clients Choose Us?

Because we ensure your peace of mind as. We have a team which consists of experienced lawyers, consultants, educationists, trainers and professionals who warily attend to what you require. Consultancy In-person or on-line. Our experts provide consultation in person and on-line to resolve your problem as per provisions of law.

We have offices in Karachi, Lahore, U.A.E, and the United Kingdom. Experts and counsel can provide every assistance in each office. Expertise
Experienced lawyers, consultants, educationists, trainers, and professionals with multiple experiences and can help with the legal case, survey, report, any new scheme or documentation.

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