Pakistan Teachers Fed

Pakistan Teachers Federation

Pakistan Teachers Federation (PTF) is a national trade union federation in Pakistan. It was, formed in 2016 with affiliated unions representing Montessori Teachers, Primary School Teachers, Junior Teachers, Young Teachers, Private School Teachers, Government Teachers, Collage &Universities Teachers, Home School Teachers and Trade Union Teachers. The main objective of the federation is to organise teachers and their assisting staff throughout the country. The PTF is unique in Pakistan because of the strength of its Deeni Madaris teachers (religious school teachers) (Molvies). The federation is organising and motivating these teachers (Molvies) to join trade unions and also learn/educate modern education.

The following are the main office bearers of the federation

Mr Mirza Shahid Beg – Chairman
Ms Hira Khan Choudary – President
Mr Moinuddin Ahmed – Vice President
Mr Ahmed Raza Shahid – Secretary-General
Mr Daniyal Ahmed – Joint Secretary
Mr Mohammad Tayab – Co-ordination Secretary
Dr Immad Uddin – Member Board of Advisor
Dr Zafar Ahmed – Member Board of Advisor
Dr Rizwan Shamsi – Member Board of Advisor
Dr Nooruz Sabah – Member Board of Advisor
Dr Saleem Shah – Secretary Finance

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